• Ask us about NAMI's Lokai bracelet

    1 in 5 American adults live with a mental health condition. Together, Lokai and the National Alliance on Mental Illness want to stop the stigma and stand with the millions of Americans who live with mental health conditions. Lokai bracelets consist of clear beads and also have one white and black bead on each side. The black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea. The white bead contains water from Mount Everest. ... The beads on the bracelet symbolize two ideas. The black bead symbolizes staying hopeful when you've hit a low point.

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Tips For Starting Or Continuing Mental Health Care From Home

May 20, 2020

More than 4 out of 5 adults say the coronavirus pandemic has affected their mental health. That’s based on a new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation. But stay-at-home orders mean people can’t attend their regular therapy sessions in person. NPR’s Lauren Hodges worked with NPR’s Life Kit podcast to figure out the best way more »

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A mental health check-in: 14 questions to ask your child

If your child is exhibiting any warning signs (that are not medical emergencies; if they are, get them to the ER), or if you just want more in-depth mental health check-ins, consider these questions to ask, courtesy of Dr. Eli Lebowitz, Ph.D., director of the Program for Anxiety Disorders at the Yale Child Study Center.  Read more »

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Mental Health & Wellness Guide for Public Service Professionals

May 11, 2020

How those in helping careers can practice self-care, get the help they need, and come to terms with the extreme mental, emotional, and physical demands of their jobs.  Click here to read more…

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May is Mental Health Month

May 1, 2020

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Planning Committee Members for the upcoming 5K Walk

March 2, 2020

Are you fun and creative? If you believe as we do, that all people affected by mental illness deserve to live healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a community that cares and you have time to donate. We are currently searching for a fun, energetic and creative team to help us make this our best walk more »

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