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Children Wrap Around Care (CWC) Program

The CWC Program is based upon the results of extensive research performed by the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice (CECP), a part of the Americans Institutes for Research. NAMI Lee, Charlotte and Hendry Counties and CECP share this mission: to support and promote a reoriented national preparedness to foster the development and the adjustment of children with or at risk of developing serious emotional disturbance, mood disorders or mental illness. NAMI recognizes that achieving such a goal requires collaboration at Federal, State, and local levels that works together to further efforts in research, sharing of information and promoting the wide-spread, coordinated use of effective practices.

Breaking the Silence
Target Population: Middle school, and high school students
Description: Breaking the Silence is an educational program that consists of lesson plans that school professionals use to better educate students about mental illness.

Educating the Next Generation
Target Population: Middle school and high school students
Description: This program brings the truth about mental health, mental illness and local resources to middle and high school students using trained volunteers to teach an interactive class. Students complete pre and post tests to measure change in their understanding of stigma, bias and stereotypes associated with mental illness.

Ending the Silence
Target Population: Middle and high school students
Description: Ending The Silence is an educational program for middle and high school students, usually delivered in a health class. The program consists of an interactive power point presentation full of facts on signs and symptoms of mental illness and ways to get help and to help others. Resource cards given to students and postcards sent home to parents provide the follow up support needed within the community. But the most powerful part of “Ending The Silence” is when the individual living well in recovery shares their personal story.

Trauma-Informed Care
Target Population: All Ages
Description: Many health symptoms are commonly shared with trauma reactions. Often people will seek treatment of the troubling symptoms instead of treating the traumatic event. This can be a difficult and taxing feat, leaving the person feeling as if there is still something missing. Learning about the common effects/symptoms trauma has on the body can help people understand why they feel the way they do and seek proper support for their symptoms.

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