Photography 7-weeks Educational + Activities Program

We are offering a BRAND NEW photography teaching method that is guaranteed to make photography so EASY & FUN that your kids will stay busy for hours doing something productive (and educational) while making memories with you to last a lifetime! No experience or expensive camera required!

If you are looking for summer activities at home to keep them busy, learning and engaged, this  program is sure to be just the thing to help your young artist (age 6-12) develop skills, foster creativity and boost their self-confidence.

  • ​Keep your kids engaged in fun for hours and hours!
  • Give yourself a break while quarantined so that you can be more product or just rest
  • Get kids off screens & doing something creative!
  • ​Challenge your kids to learn something new, practice a new skill, and have fun along the way!
  • ​Let your kids achieve while they’re home and away from friends, family, and school
  • Start sharing an amazing hobby with your kids for a lifetime

Join us via Zoom Mondays at 10:00 am – 10:45 am from June 22th through August 3rd for instruction, fun assignments and compete to earn challenge badges!