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Setting Up Events

Go to Event Espresso > Event Overview > Add New Event

Give the event a title.
Add Description.
Add Registration start and end dates. This is important to do even if your event doesn’t require registration. (normally we’ll put January 1st as the Registration Start and December 31st as  Registration End for those)
*if you’re using the registration form add the appropriate dates.

4. Add the Event Start and End dates.

5. Add the Start And End times.

6. Select whether or not the event is a Recurring event.

If the event is not recurring: continue to the next step.

Recurring monthly: a) Create Dates: Manual.

b) All event available: select yes.

c) Add the dates.

Recurring Weekly: a) Create Dates: Automatic

b) All event available: select yes.

c) Add the First Event date, add the First Event End Date. These should be the same date.

d) Event Repeats: Weekly

e) Every: # of weeks

f) Repeats on: Select weekday(s)

7. Add a price, if the event is free remove the price by clicking the Red Icon.

8. Select a Venue, Then add the short code [ ESPRESSO_VENUE ] Into the Event Description.

if no venue is selected proceed to the next step.

9. Select a category (Event Category mid right of the page)

10. Display registration form? Select the appropriate answer.

If No continue.

If yes, go to Event Questions for Primary Attendee and check off the appropriate question group.

11. Submit New Event.

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